So much construction….

So much construction….

Evening, all!

I’m Kassandra Cherry, David Cherry’s daughter, and I do most of the coding for the website. Thank you so much for your patience during our long webstruction process! Its been off and on, touch and go for a while; I didn’t have any coding experience when we first tackled this project beyond mucking around Gaia Online when I was in middle school, so there was a pretty steep learning curve.

We’re very close to officially opening the website, and consequently the store. Dad’s been hard at work making the base content, and it all looks fantastic – especially the gallery pages! Every work of art in the gallery is shown with a personal story Dad wrote himself, either about how the piece was painted or about the circumstances behind its conception. There’s even some different stories in the pages in the print shop, so be sure to check out both versions!

Speaking of stories, Dad really waxed poetic in his bio – or should I say, his “Self Indulgent and Very Long Detailed Autobiography”. Yes, its really titled that – and deservedly so being a little over 6,000 words long – but if there’s anything you want to know about him, you’ll probably find it in there. His Artistic Statement is also a good read if you want to hear more about why he became an artist. Dad’s not called a Word Smith for no reason.

Anyways, at this point the Fantasy Gallery is pretty much good to go, and the Science Fiction and Monochrome Galleries are underway. I’m going to wrangle with the WordPress servers some more to get that CSS under control, so you all have a good evening, now!

— Kassandra Cherry

2 thoughts on So much construction….

  • Erl00 April 20, 2019Reply


    I’m regularly checking this website and waiting for the opening

    Will Mtg cards artist proofs be available for sale? That ‘s what I’m mainly interesting in


    • David Cherry June 16, 2019Reply

      Hi Eric! Didn’t I sign some cards for you recently? Have they all arrived safely back in your hands? I am sorry about the white cards, but I am not selling any of those right now. I hope all is well with you and yours.

      Best Wishes,

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