The Store is Open!

The Store is Open!

Hey, everyone! Kassandra here. Sorry for the late update, but the website is now pretty functional! Functional enough that we can open up our store, at least, yeah? Everything you currently see in the SHOP section is currently available for sale, so go ahead and check it out! Everything there’s currently prints, both matted and unmatted, but we’ve also been going through our original paintings that we still have in stock and taking pictures of them so that they can be added to the Gallery. There’s a few that we definitely plan on selling at some point, so keep an eye out for them!

I’ve seen some comments asking about Magic the Gathering card/card art and the like. You’ll be happy to know that this is our next big step when it comes to updating the website! We will certainly be making a Card Art section for the Gallery, which will contain not only MtG, but art from Wheel of Time, Dune, Fantasy Adventures, and some from the Middle Earth series as well! As for whether artist proofs or anything like that will go up in the store, we aren’t sure what we should be selling those for yet, and so while we’re researching that we’ll keep them off the shelves for now.

Those are the major updates. I’ve mostly got the site format set up pretty well now, so though I might tinker around some for optimization – I did something to the code which made it dislike phones for some reason (aaaaaaa) – this is pretty much our final form! The website is OFFICIALLY OPEN (thank the heavens)! That means we’re going to be checking every day for comments and orders from now on, and hopefully you’ll hear from me and Dad more here on the blog too!

Here’s to an exciting new era!


4 thoughts on The Store is Open!

    • David Cherry July 3, 2019Reply

      Thank you! Honestly, peak entropy every day – the like not seen until the end of the verse itself.


  • SHERI BELL July 7, 2019Reply

    Trying to purchase Arafel. System says I cannot. I live in United States , Virginia. What is the problem? .

    • David Cherry July 10, 2019Reply

      Oh, thank you for reaching out to us! The problem was due to an internal conflict in the shopping cart’s programming, but thanks to your comment we were able to find and fix it. The shopping cart will now be able to present live shipping rates from UPS and FedEx, so you should be able to place your order without any further issue.

      — Kassandra

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