Hi Everyone! This is David. It is November 2,2020 as I write this. Big events are in the offing. One, which will be enjoyable for me, is the upcoming release of a collaborative music video between Pentatonix, one of my all-time favorite American vocal groups, and my favorite musical group in the entire world, Little Glee Monster, otherwise known as LGM. I raised two girls. The oldest, K.J., was a Sailor Moon fan. Little sister,
Hey, everybody! Things have been busy here, as you can imagine, between Covid and everything else 2020 has thrown our way. It has also been busy for a slightly better reason as well. David Cherry is proud to announce that he is the Artist Guest of Honor at the World Fantasy Convention! David’s got a lot of exciting panels, from his Sketchbook Tour to talking about Art for Non-Artists, so everyone attending this year –
Hey, everyone! Kassandra here. Sorry for the late update, but the website is now pretty functional! Functional enough that we can open up our store, at least, yeah? Everything you currently see in the SHOP section is currently available for sale, so go ahead and check it out! Everything there’s currently prints, both matted and unmatted, but we’ve also been going through our original paintings that we still have in stock and taking pictures of

Why Art?

Happy Endings I have been and done a lot of things in my life.  Of them all, art keeps me closest to who I am inside. Well, that and being a Dad. People who know me well know that I am all about happy endings. On the way to those endings there will be fights, wars, contention and conflicts of every kind in a world that some see as grey and others as vivid black
There are very few, if any, people who have such a natural talent for drawing and painting that they can do it well without long years of study and practice.  I have been drawing all my life and have been painting professionally for 25 years.  I am considered, by some, to be fairly good at it.  Even so, I must practice constantly, and I still find new things to learn.  Like all artists, I am
As part of my copyright information on each piece of art, I am required to sign my name or otherwise indicate who I am.  On small pieces or on interior monochromes it sometimes just feels easier to sign my full name, David A. Cherry.  (The middle name is Alan.) On larger, more important pieces I prefer to sign with a stylized letter C.  I blush to admit that I chose to do so primarily because
Evening, all! I’m Kassandra Cherry, David Cherry’s daughter, and I do most of the coding for the website. Thank you so much for your patience during our long webstruction process! Its been off and on, touch and go for a while; I didn’t have any coding experience when we first tackled this project beyond mucking around Gaia Online when I was in middle school, so there was a pretty steep learning curve. We’re very close

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