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All of the art, images, products, ideas, designs, services, thoughts, and dreams presented in this site are the sole property of David A. Cherry and his corporate entity,  Pineoak Productions, LLC.  They are presented subject to the following terms and conditions.  Your presence here signifies your agreement to abide and be bound by these terms and conditions.    

This website is owned and operated by PineoakProducitons, LLC which, in turn, is owned and operated by David A. Cherry.

  • You agree that email from us and all material therein, including notices, disclosures, contracts, and agreements, satisfy any legal requirement that our communications be in writing.
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My friends are wonderful, kind people who know the rules and would never violate my copyrights.  The world, however, is a large place full of all types of people, some of whom are not honorable.  The following is fair warning to them.  This entire website and everything therein, collectively and severally, is copyright David A. Cherry, i.e., copyrighted by David A. Cherry.  You may not use any item, design, illustration, painting, sketch or other piece of art contained herein for any commercial purpose without the express written consent and authorization of David A. Cherry.  Likewise, you may not copy, transmit, alter, or change any copyrighted material contained in this site.  To do so would be a violation David’s copyright.  You would be liable for that violation and would owe restitution.  David is a lawyer, but he would rather be painting than going to court, so let’s just all play nicely together.  And while we are on that point, let’s get something else straight.  If you buy a print or even a piece of original art from this site, you have the right to own that item, to sell it to someone else if you want, and to hang it on your wall and look at it.  No other rights are transferred to you as part of the purchase.  None.  Your purchase most certainly does not give you any right to make copies and pass them around or to sell them.


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